Friday, June 19, 2015

College Transitions

College Transitions

It’s a known fact that young adults, once they go to college and are on their own, leave the church. Parents, and elders always wonder why, but I don't. It makes perfect sense. Think about it, just think about it. (After writing that all I can picture is the video “just look at it” haha laughing so hard right now.) Ok, back to reality. Honestly though, I really don’t understand why parents are shocked to find out their children haven't been going to church or reading the Bible. Most of them went to college they should know why this happens. Here are my thoughts.

First: No matter how grounded in God your child is, they want to be their own person. If you’ve ever read Genesis, you would know that people like to do their own thing. So, what happens next? Your 18 year old is ripe for the pickings with an underdeveloped brain. They move to a new city without any friends to keep them on the strait and narrow. Therefore, they slowly but surely drift away. 
That's right they drift. Why is that? 

Second: College, while it is supposed to be about learning, is generally more of a long four year party with a couple classes here and there. Besides, who doesn't like a good ole PAR-TAY, least of all an 18 year old. If they grew up in a sheltered home, (nothing wrong with protecting your kids) they have never been to one. So they decide to try it out and then another and another. Before you know it, your 18 year old sweetheart is now a college student; complete with a degree in beer pong. Guarantee they will remember this longer then the prerequisite class, having nothing to do with their degree, that they paid between $300-$800 for. 

Third: Their music choice and friends change. It all depends on what you surround yourself with. Ever hear the expression “you are what you eat” ? Well I’m making another, “You are what you listen to." Look at the presets on your radio. Anything Christian on there? You have six options, how much do you want to bet that one, maybe two, is a Christian station? Exactly my point. Now that said, nothing is wrong with some good U2, Bob Dylan, Elvis, Adele, etc… etc… But once you start listening to a ton of rap, (there is always the option for LeCrae) or songs with a bunch of cuss words; it is only a matter of time until that song becomes your life. Sounds funny but it’s true. I know this from my own experience. 

In college I listened to everything that was modern, and there are some songs that I still love today, but a lot of them should never have been in my life. During this period of life I struggled the most with morals and friends. Most of my friends back home (Idaho, I went to Alaska for college) were A: Still friends and seeing each other often, and B. Getting married. I was lonely. I wanted to have someone in my life day to day. I watched shows that had a lot of adult scenes in them, and listened to MUSIC that idolized sex and the body. This is not healthy for a young adult. Plus I never developed any healthy relationships with friends in Alaska. The few that I “had” were very casual and were not placed in God. This allowed me to become more willing to stray. The saddest part about this whole thing? I DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT WAS HAPPENING! That’s right. This is why after circumstances changed and I moved back home to Idaho, I decided to recommit my life to Christ. Honestly I bet my parents had no idea that I had drifted away. I still read my Bible and talked to my parents about God, but he wasn't an active part of my lifestyle. 

So parents before sending your children off, pray for them. Not the “hope they finish their degree” prayer, but the “I hope they guard their heart” prayer. They probably won’t understand what that means until they have left it vulnerable, but hopefully they stay true to themselves and to Christ. 

              Proverbs 22:6
                            "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." 


  1. pray for them right at infancy! proverbs 22:6 says it all.they may go astray but eventually thru prayer they always return. thank God! i prayed for you since infancy too funny as that sounds because i prayed for the right spouses for my boys and for the Lord to put that hedge of protection around them as well as my boys. and now i can see how worth it was just by how God protected your heart and how you live for God. I thank God for that all the time. :)


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