Sunday, September 6, 2015

Staying in the Word

     I am finding it difficult to read my Bible.
Personally I think this is something that people run into quite often. As Christians I think we believe that we need to read our Bible daily or as often as possible. However, for myself I go in spurts. Now I might read a couple verses here and there for support but not always an in depth study. I do notice that my mood changes when I am not reading my Bible. That is why it takes me some time to get back into a regular reading habit. Here are my tips to getting back into the word.

  1. Keep verses on your refrigerator. Read them over and over. You'll be surprised to see how much they impact your outlook on the day. 
  2. Find blogs or pages on Facebook to like. These give you inspiration for the day. 
  3. Schedule time in your day. I like mornings after breakfast with my coffee.
  4. Set a goal. Reading one chapter a day.
  5. Listen to Christian music. 
  6. Best for last: Don't stop in the first place.
When you are regularly reading, praying and communicating with God life changes. You sleep better. Your life is more peaceful. These are all side effects of God's word. It is a wonderful thing He gave us. It gives us hope and direction for our lives even when we cannot see through the mess life creates. Ever open your Bible and the passage before you answers all your questions that day an helps with your troubles? I believe the more you're in the word the more it gives you. Through all our trials in life the one place to never quit is in your Bible. God made it for us and gave it to us so we could find direction. To find meaning in life when we can see none. Never stop reading your Bible. 
      Romans 10:17
  "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"

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  1. need this! its true how reading the bible affects your daily life. i hate it when i go thru those dry spells of not reading! i need to get back into it myself!


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