Monday, August 10, 2015


I find that God prepares us for certain instances in our lives before we even realize that he has. Last summer my husband and I were driving back home from Seattle and we were discussing the spirit world. No not the one from Avatar but the actual one with angels, demons and our souls. We were discussing various theories and thinking that it would be so cool if we could physically see souls leaving the body. The creepiest thing that came to mind however was war. Would it be comforting or disturbing to see fellow soldier's souls leaving their bodies? Anyways, throughout the entire drive all I could think about is how I needed to re-read Heaven is For Real and The Screwtape Letters. It was so pressing that I was driving Ethan insane with all the references and bringing up related topics to have thorough discussions on each one.

As soon as we got into town we drove straight to my car. I was so excited because I had parked across from work which happened to be a bookstore parking lot. Running in I knew exactly what I needed. After spending some quality time looking through all the books in the area, pondering on which style and addition I should take home, I made my purchase. Walking out to the car all I was looking forward to was starting Heaven is For Real while sitting in a much needed bath. However, my night had other plans and neither one of those was going to happen. While on the drive home I was in an oncoming car accident with a drunk driver.

In that split second and the days following, my outlook on life drastically changed. Not only had I survived but I also received minimal injuries. Stitches to my head and major bruising was all I took away. I should be dead. It was a true miracle that I wasn't. That thought rang in my head for days and even weeks after the crash. Sometimes now I still think on it and how I am going to make the most of my second chance. I truly believe this is a second chance for my life. Not that mine was to messed up or that I had a rude awakening, but I live differently. I seize opportunities and enjoy the little things, like the flowers blooming in spring or sitting on my porch just looking at the clouds and the wonderful shapes they create. I truly believe that God was at the forefront of my life that day. That the Holy Spirit was working in my heart and preparing me for the day ahead. By thinking about the spirit world and Heaven in depth that day made me realize how unprepared I was to die. Odd as it may seem to be "prepared" but as a Christian you shouldn't be scared to die. You can be sad because of the people who will be left behind but you shouldn't be scared for yourself. Death won't be horrible, it may be longer for some than others but as soon as your eyes close, your soul will be with Christ. That doesn't sound so bad.

John 11:25 
    Jesus said unto her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.

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